Hagan Community Park Rancho Cordova CA is a sizable city park that boasts a variety of activities for all ages. With stretches of open green space, athletic fields, an aquatic center, and a dog park, there’s something for everyone at this scenic city park.

The park offers tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, a dog park, a youth playground, a fishing lagoon, and various family and group picnic locations. It is also adjacent to the American River Parkway. More by clicking here.

Parks & Recreation

There are a lot of family-friendly activities in Rancho Cordova. For example, Kids Day is a kid-friendly festival offering games and activities for children under 12 and their parents. The city also has the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, which is a world-renowned bike path.

Rancho Cordova also has several parks with a variety of activities for its residents and visitors. These parks include Hagan Community Park, which has large stretches of open fields and dirt trails, as well as a children’s playground and tennis courts.

Other parks in the city include Rossmoor Bar, El Manto Access, and Lower Sunrise Recreation Area. These parks offer visitors a chance to enjoy the American River and Parkway. In addition, they provide a place for families to relax and unwind.

Community Center

The community center at Hagan is surrounded by beautiful stretches of park with dirt and paved trails, a quaint lake, and a children’s playground. It is the perfect place for a tranquil walk with nothing but the sound of rustling leaves and bird calls.

The facility also includes tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, a community center, an aquatic center, a dog park (for rules), a fishing lagoon, a youth playground, group picnic locations, and restrooms. It is the largest park within Cordova Recreation & Park District with nearly 80 acres.

After the closure of the Cordova Community Pool during the coronavirus pandemic, CRPD leadership knew they needed to move fast to build its replacement. The pool is now under construction and will be opening to the public in the summer of 2021! Visit another area in town here.

Dog Park

The dog park is a special two-and-a-half acre within Hagan Community Park that is just for dogs. This off-leash dog park has a separate area for small and large dogs and includes play/exercise equipment for the pups, benches, shady trees, and 27 new trees that were planted by the Leadership Rancho Cordova Class X.

The two areas rotate and are only open during certain times of the year for maintenance, so the grass can get a bit worn down in places but it still comes back as lush as ever with a little tender loving care.

The larger Hagan Community Park is nearly 80 acres and offers tennis courts, baseball & soccer fields, an aquatic center, a community center, a youth playground, a fishing lagoon, restrooms, and various family & group picnic locations. It also provides quick access to walking and biking trails as it is adjacent to the American River Parkway.

Fishing Lagoon

The fishing lagoon offers great opportunities for fishing with a light spinning tackle and a 10-pound test line. There are a number of fish that call this area home, including seatrout, snook, and redfish.

There are also salt marsh grasses located around rocky shorelines and docks, along with healthy mangrove creeks. These grasses offer a great ambush point for seatrout and can be targeted by drifting or working small jigs or spoons in the areas between them.

Throughout the year, Rancho Cordova hosts many family-friendly events and community activities. The city has a strong sense of community and pride in its residents. It is also home to a wide variety of unique local businesses, such as Enchambered Escape Room and Sac Brew Bike. With its world-class parks, outdoor recreation, and vibrant cultural experiences, this is a true All-American City.


Hagan Community Park is the largest park within Cordova Recreation & Park District, with nearly 80 acres. It offers multiple baseball and soccer fields, tennis courts, a community center, an aquatic center, a dog park, a fishing lagoon, a youth playground, and family and group picnic areas.

The park also features a plethora of natural and paved trails for walking, biking, or running. The paths are surrounded by lush trees, vibrant ponds, and quaint footbridges.

When the Cordova Community Pool closed for repair six years ago, CRPD knew that something needed to be done. Having two distinct pools allows for greater flexibility to host more in-depth swim and water safety classes, and provides space for local swim clubs to thrive. It’s also more energy efficient to operate the two pools separately. Refer to This Web Page.


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