Sacramento Zoo is a Must-See For Animal Lovers

The zoo offers educational programs and experiences to increase the public’s understanding of animals and their habitats. These include workshops, presentations, and animal encounters. The zoo also hosts special events and zoo camps.

The zoo wants to move and reinvent itself to become a more modern zoo that immerses guests within the animal’s environment. They are planning a larger African savannah, with giraffes, zebras, gazelles, and other species living together as they do in nature. You’ll be glad you read this!

Educational Programs

Each year 70,000 students from a 24-county region visit the zoo on school field trips. The Sacramento Zoo also hosts summer camps, wildlife stage shows, ZooMobile, operations adaptations, animal encounters, and exhibit talks.

The zoo is home to many different species from around the world, and visitors can learn about the animals and their habitats through the various animal exhibits. They can watch giraffes roaming in their natural environment, or observe primates swinging from tree to tree.

Wine & Brew at the Zoo is a popular event where guests can sample local wines and breweries while enjoying the zoo’s exotic animals. Proceeds from this event benefit zoo maintenance and animal care. This year’s spring classes are called Creature Features and will highlight one specific group of animals each time.

Animal Encounters

Sacramento Zoo is a classic attraction for animal lovers, offering a wide range of notable animal species and exhibits. Visitors can observe giraffes and other African animals at the African Savannah or learn about reptiles at the Reptile House. The Big Cat Row exhibit houses majestic felines, including lions and tigers.

The zoo has implemented several noteworthy breeding programs and conservation initiatives to support endangered species. These programs are in addition to the zoo’s commitment to habitat preservation and education.

The zoo is a member of WAZA, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, an umbrella organization for zoos and aquariums committed to wildlife conservation. WAZA members work together to promote animal welfare, education, and community engagement. WAZA’s mission is “United for Conservation”. A must-see place!

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

The zoo offers a variety of behind-the-scenes tours that provide visitors with up-close and personal experiences with selected animals under the guidance of zoo experts. These tours allow guests to go beyond the regular animal exhibits and see how the zoo operates, including its breeding programs.

The Sacramento Zoo is committed to supporting wildlife conservation through its breeding and research programs. For example, it is part of the Black Rhino Species Survival Plan, which is designed to increase the population numbers of this critically endangered species.

The zoo also maintains a number of educational resources and facilities for schools, ensuring that students receive the highest quality learning experience possible. The zoo also sponsors and participates in several special events throughout the year, providing a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with the wildlife.

Special Events

Sacramento is a unique destination that puts animal welfare first, offering a fun and educational experience for kids and adults alike. From spotting roaming peacocks to feeding giraffes, this family-friendly attraction offers something special for everyone to enjoy.

The zoo also features a small amusement park called Funderland that’s perfect for the little ones. They’ll love hopping on the Wild Stagecoach or Squirrelly Whirl while older kids can ride the Conservation Carousel.

Check out the zoo’s calendar for event details and ticket prices. You can also book a party at the zoo for a memorable birthday celebration or even a wedding! Then head back to Northlake to unwind with your kids after a day of adventure. It’s a great way to enjoy the warm weather and make some new memories together!

Recreational Areas

The zoo offers a number of recreational areas that provide children with space to burn off energy. They also offer opportunities to learn new things and participate in age-appropriate activities.

This zoo is committed to wildlife conservation and has implemented notable breeding programs for endangered species. It also supports initiatives that foster a greater appreciation of the animal kingdom.

Visitors can take part in Quarters for Conservation, a community effort to support local and global conservation projects. 25 cents of every admission ticket is contributed to this initiative. This zoo also houses several educational and entertaining exhibits that explore different ecosystems. They include the aviary, reptile house, mammal, and fish habitats. All of these are home to many different species, including Australian kangaroos and African giraffes. Click here for more interesting articles.


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